Q. What is e-Pay?

A. e-Pay is online bill payment services, launched by SBI.

Q. Who can use this service?

A. All our internet banking individual customers at selected centres having savings/ current accounts with transaction rights, can use this service.

Q. How does it benefit me?

A. It enables you to (i) view/ pay (ii) schedule (iii) auto pay and (iv) view bills paid online.

Q. What types of bills can I pay using this service?

A. You can pay your telephone, electricity, mobile bills over internet, for exact details of billers of your city please logon to your account on www.onlinesbi.com.

Q. How do I start using the service?

A. If you are already our internet banking customer, logon to your account, register for the service and give biller details from the recently paid bill. Your next bill will be presented to you over internet.

Q. What should I do, if, I am not internet banking customer?

A. Please register for internet banking and e-Pay, forms available at the branch.

Q. What is auto pay and scheduled payments?

A. Auto pay- If you select auto pay for a biller, the bills up to the limit specified by you will be automatically paid without reference to you, subject to availability of funds in your account. These instructions are to be reissued by you after one year, you may choose to cancel the instruction earlier also.

Scheduled Payments: You may choose to pay a bill on a later date i.e. schedule it for payment. You may cancel a scheduled payment before it has been paid.

Q. Do I get a receipt on payment of the bill?

A. You will be issued a Transaction ID (TID No.) on payment of the bill, please use this for future reference.

Q. Do I continue to get bills in physical form?

A. Depending on terms of your biller, you may continue to get hard copy of bill(s).

Q. What should I do, if the payment made by me has not been accounted for my biller?

A. Please contact your branch, with the TID No., the branch will get in touch with the appropriate authorities to resolve the issue.

Q. Can I pay bills of other persons also?

A. Yes, you may pay bills of your company, spouse, children etc.

Q. What about privacy of my transactions?

A. We value your privacy and details of your transactions will be protected as per laws of the land.

Q. What about safety of my transactions over internet?

A. Our site has been certified as secure site by Verisign.

Q. Can I pay an amount less than the bill amount?

A. If your biller accepts an amount less than the bill amount, you can pay less than the bill amount.

Q. Can I pay bills on due date?

A. You have to pay your bills 2 working days prior to the due date mentioned by the biller e.g. if due date mentioned by biller is say 24th March, you should give instructions for payment on 21st March.

Q. Do I need to give payment instructions during working hours of my branch?

A. The service is 24x7 service, you can give payment instructions from any where, any time.

Q. If I have further queries where do I contact?

A. Our branches will be happy to answer your queries, you may also contact our call center at 1600-112211.