i. Bank makes pension payments on behalf of the Government to the retired employees of Central and State Governments, Defence, Railways etc. All pension payments are subject to rules and procedures prescribed by the Government(s), RBI and the concerned departments/organisations from time to time.

ii. A pensioner can open an account with cheque book facility and also give nomination in his pension account.

iii. Life Certificate in prescribed format has to be submitted once every year in the month of November. Pension payments may be withheld if life certificates are not submitted on time. The life certificates can be issued by RBI/Public Sector Bank Officers and officers at the pension paying branch.

iv. Non-employment Certificate is obtained once in 6 months in May and November.

v. If the family pensioner is a widow, at the time of first payment of pension, a certificate to the effect that she has not re-married and an undertaking to the effect that if she re-married later she will intimate the fact promptly to the pension paying branch is required.

vi. If the family pensioner is a widower/unmarried daughter, the re-marriage/non marriage certificate is required to be submitted once in 6 months in May and November.

vii. An unstamped letter of undertaking is to be submitted by the pensioner authorising recovery of any excess payment made in pension in error.

viii. The pension will be credited by the branch to the pensioner's savings or current account during the last four working days of the month. The pension for the month of March will be credited on or after 1st working day of April. The pension will not be paid in cash or through a joint account.

ix. Income tax at prescribed rate is deducted from the pension amount and net amount is payable to the pensioners account.