Manage your Debit Card

SBI Debit Cardholders can manage the channel of usage (ATM/PoS/eCom or Domestic/International) of their Cards through Internet Banking (, SBI YONO (, SBI YONO & SBI YONO Lite Mobile Applications or by visiting any SBI Branch. This enables you to control the usage of your SBI Debit card as per your choice.

You can avail this functionality by following the steps mentioned below:




Internet Banking

Cardholder can enable/disable Channel/Usage of your ATM Card using this service through INB by the following process: Login >> eServices>> ATM Card Services >> ATM Card Limit/Channel/Usage Change (by using OTP or profile password)


Login >> Menu >> Services Request>> ATM/Debit Card services >> Manage ATM/Debit Card >> Enter Profile Password >> Manage Usage/Manage Limits

SBI YONO Mobile App

Login >> Services Request >> ATM/Debit Card Services>>Enter Profile Password >> Manage Card

SBI YONO Lite Mobile App

Login >> Services >> Manage Debit Card


Cardholder can visit the branch and apply for the required services by submitting the application form.