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Corporate Salary Package (CSP)

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Corporate Salary Package (CSP)

Salary Accounts under CSP offer a range of privileges to the employees of corporate institutions, including service organisations such as hospitals, hotels, transport corporations etc. The package can be customised depending upon the business relationship between the Corporate/ Institution and the Bank

Package Variants eligibility is as per Net Monthly Salary

  • Platinum: Above `1,00,000/-
  • Diamond: Above `50,000/- and upto `1,00,000/-
  • Gold: Above `25,000/-and upto `50,000/-
  • Silver: Between `10,000/- and upto `25,000/-

This will determine your eligibility for variant of Debit Card, Quantum of Insurance coverage, Loyalty Program benefits etc.

  • Benefits to the Employer
    • Hassle-free account opening process. On request, our officials will visit your premises to on-board your employees. Employees can also opt to open their accounts online or by visiting the nearest branch.
    • A convenient way to manage salaries across a large number of centres, through the Bank's award-winning Corporate Internet Banking.
    • Online facilities reduce paperwork and salary administration cost. Enjoy instant credit of salaries to your employees' accounts.
    • Zero charge for salary disbursement.
    • Equipping your employees with a power-packed Salary Account that is trusted by the largest organisations in India.
  • Benefits to the Employee