SBI Gold Loan can be availed by pledge of gold ornaments including gold coins sold by Banks with minimum paper work and low interest rate.


Age : 18 years and above

Profession : Any individual (singly or jointly) with Steady source of income including: Bank’s Employees, Pensioners. (No Proof of income required)


MAXIMUM : Rs 20.00 lacs

MINIMUM : Rs 20,000/-

Repayment Mode

Gold Loan – The repayment of Principal and Interest will be commenced from the month

following the month of disbursement.

Liquid Gold Loan – Overdraft Account with transaction facility and monthly interest is to be served.

Bullet Repayment Gold Loan – On or before the term of the loan/ on closure of account.

Repayment Period

Maximum :

Gold Loan - 36 months

Liquid Gold Loan - 36 months

Bullet Repayment Gold Loan - 12 months


Gold Loan - 25%

Liquid Gold Loan - 25%

Bullet Repayment Gold Loan - 35%


Pledge of gold ornaments duly verified for quality & quantity.

Interest Rate & Processing Fees

Processing Fees : 0.50% of the Loan amount + applicable GST, minimum Rs.500/-+ applicable GST

INTEREST RATE : 1.25% above the MCLR-1yr,

Others : Gold appraiser charges will be paid by the Applicant.

Documents Required

To Apply Loan:

  • i) Application for Gold Loan with two copies of photographs.

  • ii) Proof of Identity with proof of Address

  • iii) Witness Letter in case of illiterate borrowers.

Time of Disbursement

  • i) DP note and DP Note Take Delivery Letter.

  • ii) Gold Ornaments Take Delivery Letter.

  • iii) Arrangement Letter.