5 Reasons You Should Use YONO SBI App for UPI Payments

18 Apr, 2024

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5 Reasons You Should Use YONO SBI App for UPI Payments

The phenomenal growth of the Unified Payments Interface (UPI) in India is transforming digital transactions. As per the latest data, over 11 billion UPI payments amounting to Rs 182 trillion were processed in 2023 alone - representing a 60% annual growth. Driving this adoption is intuitive payment apps that offer both simplicity and security.

One such app that has quickly emerged as a popular choice for UPI transactions is YONO SBI. With over 70 million downloads, YONO SBI lets customers integrate bank accounts from SBI and other leading banks onto a single platform. By allowing interoperability and instant money transfers, it has become the app of choice for both SBI account holders and non-SBI customers.

The YONO SBI app sets itself apart with an interface that suggests contacts for payments, scans QR codes and enables transactions across banks through a few simple taps. Biometric login, account integration, and exciting offers all under one roof makes YONO SBI a valuable addition to any smartphone.

As digital payments rise steeply, customers seek apps that are intuitive, secure, reward-focused and remove the hassle of managing multiple banks. This blog shares five compelling benefits of using the YONO SBI payments and lifestyle app that simplifies your fintech needs.

1. Simple and Convenient Mode of Making Payments

The YONO SBI app offers an extremely straightforward interface for sending or receiving UPI payments instantly. You can instantly search and pay your contacts or type someone's UPI ID/VPA to transfer money in just a few taps. The process is intuitive, and handy features like scanning any QR code, real-time suggestions as you type, saved contact lists etc., makes payments faster. You also get payment confirmation alerts and can easily download statements or share receipts.

You can also pay bills anytime anywhere through SBI Unipay (SBI’s own Bharat Bill Payment System application) on YONO SBI, with an option to pay in different payment modes using debit card, credit card, UPI, Internet Banking, account transfer or Aadhaar-enabled Payment System (AePS).

2. Multiple Bank Accounts Integration

Unlike other UPI apps, YONO SBI lets you integrate and manage savings/current accounts from multiple banks under one platform. If you have accounts with SBI as well as any other Bank, you can add them all onto YONO SBI app and make frictionless payments from any account. This eliminates the need to use separate apps from different banks

3. Strong Security

YONO SBI employs multiple security layers to keep your money safe, including biometric login, unique 6-digit MPIN generation, and many more. Your payment details are secured by advanced encryption, and additional OTP/permissions apply for high-value transactions.

These security mechanisms ensure seamless and risk-free payments so that you never have to worry when transferring money. Your accounts and transactions remain fully protected.

4. Rewarding Experience

YONO SBI goes beyond just banking by offering exciting deals and offers across shopping, travel bookings, food orders, movies, and entertainment. Top brands have partnered with YONO SBI to bring attractive discounts and deals when you shop using the app.

This creates a rewarding payment experience - you not only enjoy the convenience of instant money transfers but also save extra on every transaction you make!

Additionally, users can access a wide array of banking and lifestyle facilities, including:

5. Zero Transaction Charges

Unlike some fintech applications, YONO SBI does not charge for UPI payments. There are no hidden transaction fees or costs levied to use the platform.

You get access to the full-fledged YONO SBI app with all banking and UPI features free of cost. This means more savings as you retain the entire transferred amounts when doing P2P or P2M payments.


As seen above, the YONO SBI app brings together the best of simplified payments, multi-bank integration, security, rewards, and affordability. For customers who want the perfect fusion between high-tech banking and lifestyle needs, YONO SBI emerges as an essential app.

So, if you are an SBI customer or want to leverage UPI payments, download the YONO SBI app now. Even if you bank with another bank, you can still use YONO to enjoy seamless UPI-based payments and offers. It's one of the best mobile app for accessing banking services and making digital payments on the go.

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