How to Get a Pre-Approved Personal Loan Using YONO SBI App?

18 Apr, 2024

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How to Get a Pre-Approved Personal Loan Using YONO SBI App?

Financial needs can arise at any moment – from unexpected medical bills to dream vacations. A pre-approved personal loan can be a lifesaver when faced with such situations. The State Bank of India (SBI) understands these needs and has introduced a seamless solution through its YONO SBI app. In this guide, we will walk you through the steps to obtain a pre-approved personal loan using the YONO SBI app, making financial assistance just a few taps away.

Understanding the Power of Pre-Approved Personal Loans

A pre-approved personal loan is like having a financial safety net already in place. Unlike the traditional loan application process, where you start from scratch, pre-approved loans are tailored to your financial profile and offered by lenders based on your creditworthiness. This means that once you are pre-approved, you can access the funds quickly when the need arises without the usual delays associated with loan approvals.

Introducing YONO SBI: Your Financial Companion

SBI's YONO app, which stands for "You Only Need One," is an all-in-one digital platform that provides a range of financial services at your fingertips. From banking and insurance to investments and shopping, YONO SBI app offers comprehensive services to simplify your financial life.

The Convenience of YONO Pre-Approved Personal Loans

With YONO personal loan, applying for a pre-approved personal loan from SBI is a breeze. There are 11 variants of Pre-Approved Personal Loans catering to salary account customers, non-salary customers, pensioners, family pensioners and Top-Up loans. Here's how you can do it:

  1. Download and Install the YONO SBI App
    Start by downloading the YONO SBI app from your app store. It is available for both Android and iOS users.
  2. Login or Register
    If you are an existing SBI customer, log in using your credentials.
  3. Navigate to 'Pre-Approved Loans'
    Once you are logged in, you will be able to see the “Pre-Approved Loan" offer banner on the homepage. You can also go to hamburger menu and go to ‘Offers for You’ to check your offer.
  4. Offer details
    Click your pre-approved personal loan offer and validate your Permanent Account Number (PAN), Date of Birth, the desired amount, tenure and the repayment date that suits you the most.
  5. Review and Confirm
    Take a moment to review the loan amount, interest rate, repayment terms and proceed to confirm your acceptance in just a few clicks.
  6. Accept T&Cs
    You need to accept the Terms & Conditions (T&Cs) and validate through One-Time Password (OTP).
  7. Access Funds instantly
    The loan amount will be instantly credited to your designated bank account. You can use these funds for your intended purpose without any further delays.

The Benefits of YONO Pre-Approved Personal Loans

  • Instant Access : With a pre-approved loan offer on the YONO SBI app, you can get quick access to funds when you need them the most.
  • Customized Offers : These loans are tailored to your financial profile, ensuring you receive offers that match your repayment capacity.
  • Hassle-Free Process : The entire process, from application approval, is streamlined and hassle-free, thanks to YONO's user-friendly interface.
  • Competitive Interest Rates : SBI offers competitive interest rates on pre-approved personal loans, making them a cost-effective solution for your financial needs.
  • No Collateral Required : Pre-approved personal loans typically don't require any collateral, making them an attractive option for those who don't have assets to pledge.


When financial emergencies strike, having a pre-approved personal loan from YONO SBI can provide you with the financial flexibility you need. The YONO app's intuitive interface and SBI's trusted reputation make obtaining a pre-approved personal loan a convenient and secure process. Remember, reading the terms and conditions before accepting any loan offer is essential. So, why wait? Download the YONO SBI app today and empower yourself to access funds at your fingertips.

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